8min/∞ HD Video Sample of Installation 

We are in the aftermath of the digital revolution with an unbound potential to communicate, vote, and act on a global scale. The viewer is now both consumer and producer of media, changing the nature of the Spectacle into a tool of the average person rather than upper-class capitalists. The internet is an electronic space for information conflict and has become the place where our social consciousness lives. We must use the means of production to forge our own path moving forward.

Why? We can create a better world as a collective through the internet.

Through the process of combining new and appropriated documentary footage,I have translated my own lived and mediated experiences into a Spectacle. Resulting in a 4-channel installation consisting of 3 separate videos; all slightly different lengths of time. The appropriated content is meant to engage with the viewer on a societal level through events they might have primarily experienced via electronic media. The self-portraiture reveals the reality behind these experiences; apathy, mundanity, and a sense of callous detachment from the real world all while still trying to obsessively capture everything in photos and videos. By creating this self-referential experience, I challenge our assumptions about ‘Self’ and ‘Other’, between our mediated and lived experiences. By demonstrating the omnipresent lingering of a digital unconscious, I will be creating a situation in which the viewer is confronted with the conditioning of their own perception.